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                     Ching and Eugene and Baby Eros.                            


Hi everyone! I just wanted to share the life we have having a baby with Down Syndrome. I'm not a good storyteller so please bear with me. I'm Cherry and my life-long partner is Eugene. We are both Filipino migrant workers here in Taiwan. Four years ago I gave birth to our first born named Empress Eury. She was taken care of by my mother in our home country. Life back home in the Philippines is so hard, that's the reason why I left my baby to continue working here. To provide the needs of my family. Since my father is a bedridden and suffering due to his illness, no one can support their financial needs aside from me.

Our relationship was in a crucial place early last year. Almost everyday we had fights and arguments over nonsense matters. Until one day I found out that I got pregnant with my second child. I don't know if I will be happy that time. Because In my heart I know Eugene will leave us someday. We lived in different cities because of our jobs and only saw each other twice a month, and when I got Covid-19, we didn’t see each other for one month. Our relationship was stressed. After the 5th month of my pregnancy we found out that we're having a baby boy. Since then I thank the Lord everything changed. We seldom fight.

November 13, 2022 the most awaiting moment. I gave birth to my baby boy in a small clinic. One day after giving birth the nurses found out that my baby has no hole in his anus. He is advised to transfer to a big hospital. I packed up our important things and we rushed to the China Medical University Hospital. I'm so scared and no one beside me at that time, because Eugene has work. After Eugene's work he immediately went to the hospital where Eros was admitted.


In the hospital, we are waiting for the doctor's laboratory results and when he came out he said that our baby has a Down Syndrome features. It doesn't surprise me because early in the morning when I first saw Eros, I know it already. My most concern this time is his other illnesses–the imperforate anus and his congenital heart diseases.

We feel so devastated...we don't know what to do. All of this is new to us.We cried a lot everyday. We seldom pray as a couple but this situation makes us more closer to each other. And even make us more prayerful. Everything we surrender to God. I embrace God's plan for us. I never asked why. All I wanted is my baby to survive all the surgeries he will encounter. And everything to fall into place. All that all we ask He will provide.

One day I posted in the Buy Nothing facebook group page. I'm asking If there's anyone who has a spare newborn stroller. I stated that my baby has a Down Syndrome and we can use it after he is discharged from the hospital. After that there's so many messages that I received. They want to help me but there's no stroller. Instead they are offering newborn clothes but I’m still grateful for everything they've offered. Two days later I received a message that congratulate me having a baby with Down Syndrome. And to my surprise, she share that she have a baby boy with a Down Syndrome too. I feel that I'm not alone during this time because Gloria's messages really helps me and inspires me. She wanted to help us and she was excited to see us. Our first meeting is the most exciting part. I never felt like this before that a total stranger will embrace you and feel you that you're not alone in this journey. My eyes are full of tears. My heart is full of happiness thanking the Lord that He never failed our prayers. All I'm asking for is just a stroller but Jesus gave me a complete total package filled with gifts of a stroller, diapers, formula, a book about raising babies with Down Syndrome, a financial gift raised for us, and baby clothes. Aside from it, He gives us a new friend Gloria and her husband Clive. I'm so glad that God connected the right people during our most difficult time.


Eros had multiple surgeries and he needed to stay two months long in the hospital. I left my job to take care of him and we need to stay in Taiwan for him to survive. Because he has three more major surgeries and going back to the Philippines is our last option. The most painful part is when Eugene had to go back home in our country in April because he has finished the maximum number of years to work here. It saddened me, but I need to be strong. Thank you to Xtra Love foundation that they include baby Eros as one of the beneficiary of their Xtra Love hoodies campaign. It's a big help to us because we're financially drained.

Having a baby with Down Syndrome is a blessing and yet very challenging.Your worries focus on what the future is ahead of them. It really scares me before, but now Eros's smile puts away any fears! It really change our lives too as a family. Our relationship became more stronger and deeper. If given a chance to choose I will choose over and over to be Eros’s mother. He brings us joy in our hearts. He rescued our family. Most of all he saved our relationship to God.